Love in So.Cal.

IMG_4171Sunshine. Ocean. Love.

Good ol’ therapy for the soul!

I’m really glad these two invited me to California for their nuptials. It was a special day for them and, I must say, I have a special spot in my heart for the groom and his buddies: they display friendship and loyalty at its finest! They come from a small town in Colorado where everyone knows…well, everyone.  These guys met when they were were kids and have remained close friends ever since.   That’s a special thing.

Ryan and Mandy’s sweet invitation gave me the “nudge” I needed to listen to my gut and follow my heart. For that, I am so grateful.  Thanks, Ryan and Mandy!

I wish you much love and kindness, as you embark upon this new journey together! ryan and mandy1ryan and mandy2ryan and mandy3ryan and mandy4ryan and mandy5ryan and mandy6


Once upon a Christmas wedding…

TJ + Mike have been together for a little over 9 years.  TJ thought it would be a good time for a winter wedding, and Mike agreed.  They exchanged rings and made it official in December.  The wedding was simple and sweet.  Their children, Evan and Kyndle, welcomed me and Evan generously schooled me on his “Hulk” moves.   Look out, villains.

Enjoy this ditty by Various Cruelties…for your viewing pleasure!


let’s go, let’s go.


I had the opportunity to close out 2012 with TJ + Mike’s simple, sweet nuptials in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins.

Thanks to all my friends (new + old), who have generously given their time to me, so that I can indulge in photographic bliss.  You guys fill my heart!

Learning, growing, enjoyment, excitement, beautiful human connection and L.O.V.E…  I love making images and capturing moments.  What a blessing it is!

As with any new year, 2013 is going to be full of dreamin’ and schemin’.

Love beckons, adventure awaits!

laced with romance: part 1.

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Back in October, I had the incredible opportunity to 2nd shoot for one of the most raddest, baddest photographers in Northern Colorado, Danielle.  (Follow her latest work here.) The wedding took place in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains at Wild Basin Lodge.  As we drove up the mountain, the venue was ensconced in a dreamy fog…  Something you’d see in the Northwest.  It was so beautiful (and cold)!

Here are some of the images I got during the ceremony and reception.  Not only was the couple totally laid back, but Erin + Brady had some of the neatest vendors at their wedding.  Love the flowers as much as I do?  Check out Hana Style Designs.  You won’t regret it.

It was such an honor (and pleasure) to work alongside and learn from someone who effortlessly embodies the spirit of a teacher and such immense talent.

So cool.

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