vagabond voyager of the soul.

Whew!  Remember when I mentioned quitting that job and seeking something new—something more fulfilling and meaningful (to me)?  Well, the last few months have been enlightening and…quite nice.

This new job has been nothing short of amazing.  It was a godsend, really.  I feel absolutely liberated to no longer be working in a hospital setting.  Now, listen…  I am NOT minimizing the work or research that is done within hospitals.  This is just my personal experience.  Of course, I got exactly what I wanted when I passed the exams for that hospital job: I learned a ton during my time there.  However, I found that even though I was learning a great deal, I felt no fulfillment within my heart.  Honestly, it didn’t feel right and it rocked my soul for a short period.

I didn’t like my job, so I quit.   I have enough insight to realize that life is too short to be wasting time doing something you don’t enjoy.

I applied for a few jobs, but from previous experiences, I didn’t think I’d hear from anyone soon. That’s when faith kicks in and you just have to allow the Divine to take care of things.

I had no plan, except that I was going to California.  2 lovebirds purchased a plane ticket for me to fly out for their wedding.  (Their wedding can be seen here. Beautiful couple, eh?)  It was a saving grace.  It truly was…

Right before I left for California, I was fortunate enough to receive a job offer from a small, grass-roots organization whose primary focus is the patient and their family members.  I feel so honored to be a part of this team, let alone receive a job offer in this economy.  The vision of this organization is so strong and, even though it isn’t an easy job and there are disagreements here/there, the people are unified in their purpose to serve others–it doesn’t matter if the person is undocumented and living in the United States, lives underneath a bridge or lives in their home with a ton of furry friends.  If they need help, we do our best to serve them.  I’m so glad God made a place for me here.

Anyways, during my little trip to California, my cousin and I made a little desert trek to Salvation Mountain.  It’s absolutely funky and the story behind it is full of love and passion.  Some may think it’s nuts, BUT this gentleman followed his heart—his dream and vision—and completed something that was seemingly impossible: he moved to the middle of the desert and built a very large mountain out of hay and mud!  Then, he painted it.  He lived there for quite awhile and, throughout the years, people would bring him paint for the mountain.  His motive: he loves God and he loves people.  He lived in nature, made art and embraced loving people.  A very fine existence, if you ask me, and great purpose for this immense piece of art.

Being surrounded by all those bright colors felt utterly whimsical.

(Johnny is my cousin and suffered through the lens of my camera! Ha.  He took that photo of me, 8th one down.  Thank you, Johnny.)



love is our cause.

you be the church, i’ll be the steeple.

-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Sometimes, you just need someone to give you a reality check…  A fresh perspective.

Fortunately, I have a partner who constantly does that for me, along with my amazing (sometimes, complicated) family and other really cool people.  Like T-Bird.

T-Bird and his Harley Davidson buddies gather each month in Denver to serve others.  (My in-laws are biker folk, so I felt utter kinship and adoration for T-Bird and his biker buds.  Their burly beards and mustaches are as burly and robust as their hearts.)   My sister, Chandra, cooks each month for this special cause.  I got to see love at its finest, as many people gathered to serve food, provide a consoling hug/ear and donate clothing, shoes and toiletries to people in need on Pearl Street in Denver.  All of this is done by simple, word-of-mouth.  It really is amazing.  Nearly 300 homeless individuals (or other people in need) had shown up.

Chandra is the amazing lady in the last photo (center).  When I start feeling discouraged or find myself in a ridiculous-complaining-sort-of-mood, I look to her and my mother to remember the finer things in life.   They both survived genocide—together (along with my other sister and family members)—and in America, they both have the goal of serving others.  (My mother works at the Children’s Hospital and makes sure everyone has a full stomach there, too.)  They see the big picture: life is bigger than we think, and seeing things beyond yourself, a big paycheck, fancy car, trendy clothes, etc. will help you to see that.

Ah, good people.  Thanks for spreading the love.


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