love is our cause.

you be the church, i’ll be the steeple.

-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Sometimes, you just need someone to give you a reality check…  A fresh perspective.

Fortunately, I have a partner who constantly does that for me, along with my amazing (sometimes, complicated) family and other really cool people.  Like T-Bird.

T-Bird and his Harley Davidson buddies gather each month in Denver to serve others.  (My in-laws are biker folk, so I felt utter kinship and adoration for T-Bird and his biker buds.  Their burly beards and mustaches are as burly and robust as their hearts.)   My sister, Chandra, cooks each month for this special cause.  I got to see love at its finest, as many people gathered to serve food, provide a consoling hug/ear and donate clothing, shoes and toiletries to people in need on Pearl Street in Denver.  All of this is done by simple, word-of-mouth.  It really is amazing.  Nearly 300 homeless individuals (or other people in need) had shown up.

Chandra is the amazing lady in the last photo (center).  When I start feeling discouraged or find myself in a ridiculous-complaining-sort-of-mood, I look to her and my mother to remember the finer things in life.   They both survived genocide—together (along with my other sister and family members)—and in America, they both have the goal of serving others.  (My mother works at the Children’s Hospital and makes sure everyone has a full stomach there, too.)  They see the big picture: life is bigger than we think, and seeing things beyond yourself, a big paycheck, fancy car, trendy clothes, etc. will help you to see that.

Ah, good people.  Thanks for spreading the love.


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black cat, you’re beautiful.

Every afternoon, Justin takes Frieda to play fetch in a little grassy field.  Our fine black cat, Clyde, likes to tag along.  Frieda enjoys an audience when she plays fetch.  Sometimes, Clyde will race Frieda to her purple ball and other times, he will climb trees or simply bask in the sunlight.  Then, he will follow Justin and Frieda back home—he gives literal meaning to the words, “cool cat.”

frieda and clyde

frieda and clyde 1

the cool kids on the block.

My sisters have some of the coolest kids.

We spent Saturday morning together, traipsing through dirt, grass and hibernating trees.

Aaron climbed the trees, while Austin shared his funny contemplations about everything in sight, and Sabrina…  Well, she laughed and smiled… A LOT.

I love them.

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Once upon a Christmas wedding…

TJ + Mike have been together for a little over 9 years.  TJ thought it would be a good time for a winter wedding, and Mike agreed.  They exchanged rings and made it official in December.  The wedding was simple and sweet.  Their children, Evan and Kyndle, welcomed me and Evan generously schooled me on his “Hulk” moves.   Look out, villains.

Enjoy this ditty by Various Cruelties…for your viewing pleasure!


let’s go, let’s go.


I had the opportunity to close out 2012 with TJ + Mike’s simple, sweet nuptials in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins.

Thanks to all my friends (new + old), who have generously given their time to me, so that I can indulge in photographic bliss.  You guys fill my heart!

Learning, growing, enjoyment, excitement, beautiful human connection and L.O.V.E…  I love making images and capturing moments.  What a blessing it is!

As with any new year, 2013 is going to be full of dreamin’ and schemin’.

Love beckons, adventure awaits!

holly, jolly.


They help to make this season bright!

If you have a child (or a little bro, a little sis, a niece, a nephew–any loved one, really), count your blessings and snuggle him or her.

I’m pretty convinced LOVE is the meaning of life.

Here is a little glimpse into a family session during a cold, winter morning.  Those cheeks are pinch-worthy and the sound of her laughter feels like…sunshine.

Merry Christmas, friends!