food play.

Between being a full-time Registered Nurse and doing a few awesome photography gigs on the weekends, I’ve been pretty busy. Definitely a blessing, even though it feels like there is not enough hours in the day to get everything I’d like done…

It was nice to take a breather and peruse Colfax Avenue. I love how this street is so “gritty,” yet can be full of funk, style and charm. Here is a little FOOD PLAY on a Saturday afternoon. Totally refreshing.

This is Cafe Max: LOVE! This place has a welcoming, “comforting” feel to it. The barista is awesome. You can run into him on the weekends. The smoked salmon on brioche bread was completely satisfying, along with the coffee and little, tasty pickles. I don’t know how they prepare their coffee, but it’s the best coffee I’ve had in awhile.  I’ve wandered into a few other coffee shops around town and, really, Cafe Max can brew a mean cup of Joe.   They play great music, too, in my opinion. 😉 Check them out!  Click here for a more eloquent perspective on this place.  Honestly, I couldn’t describe it better than her…


cafe max


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