oh, babe. we’re alright.

Don’t worry sweet baby!

Don’t you ever worry bout a thing

Put your worries on the shelf

learn to love yourself, don’t be your own worst enemy.

-Alabama Shakes

i’m digging this change of scenery!

we moved from the foothills to the city.

the diversity has been a breath of fresh air to my soul.

(although, I do miss the open areas and small-town-feel along the foothills.)

i like wandering into “the unknown” with justin.

it’s fun.

i’ve been doing some soul-searching regarding my career and life’s direction, lately.

i quietly celebrate my small successes, then constantly wonder (and/or have nightmares) about things that can be improved upon… then, try to be better and either end up feeling like an idiot or a champ.

ah! the human psyche.  it’s humorous.

the other day, i picked up my camera and trotted around the neighborhood with justin.