home by the sea.

“Travel often.  Getting lost will help you find yourself.” -Holstee Manifesto.

There is something so sublime about standing by the sea.  Maybe it’s the fresh air, the sound of the waves or just knowing there is a faraway land across the vast expanse…

Whatever it is, I love it.

Here are some images from my trip to see my cousin, Johnny boy, in Californ-I-A.


californication 2


black cat, you’re beautiful.

Every afternoon, Justin takes Frieda to play fetch in a little grassy field.  Our fine black cat, Clyde, likes to tag along.  Frieda enjoys an audience when she plays fetch.  Sometimes, Clyde will race Frieda to her purple ball and other times, he will climb trees or simply bask in the sunlight.  Then, he will follow Justin and Frieda back home—he gives literal meaning to the words, “cool cat.”

frieda and clyde

frieda and clyde 1