holly, jolly.


They help to make this season bright!

If you have a child (or a little bro, a little sis, a niece, a nephew–any loved one, really), count your blessings and snuggle him or her.

I’m pretty convinced LOVE is the meaning of life.

Here is a little glimpse into a family session during a cold, winter morning.  Those cheeks are pinch-worthy and the sound of her laughter feels like…sunshine.

Merry Christmas, friends!



laced with romance: part 1.

(View Part 2 here.)

Back in October, I had the incredible opportunity to 2nd shoot for one of the most raddest, baddest photographers in Northern Colorado, Danielle.  (Follow her latest work here.) The wedding took place in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains at Wild Basin Lodge.  As we drove up the mountain, the venue was ensconced in a dreamy fog…  Something you’d see in the Northwest.  It was so beautiful (and cold)!

Here are some of the images I got during the ceremony and reception.  Not only was the couple totally laid back, but Erin + Brady had some of the neatest vendors at their wedding.  Love the flowers as much as I do?  Check out Hana Style Designs.  You won’t regret it.

It was such an honor (and pleasure) to work alongside and learn from someone who effortlessly embodies the spirit of a teacher and such immense talent.

So cool.

A sneaky poo A sneaky poo 3(View Part 2 here.)

i’ve just seen a face.

I started wearing glasses since the 7th grade.  Did I like it?  At the time, not really.  But I certainly earned good grades because I could clearly read what was being written on the blackboard.  (Thanks for the nice glasses, Mom.  They did me some good!  Love you.)

Anyways, when I got to college, a guy grabbed my glasses from me and decided to try them on.  His exact words: “I can see the future with your glasses!”  Thanks for pointing that out, sir.  I knew my lenses were thicker than an Alaskan glacier.

Rest assured, dear Blog Reader…  I wear contact lenses, now, so I can readily see the beauty that surrounds me—clearly and without 3-inch-thick lenses.  Blurry can be beautiful, too, though!  (Monet proved it.)

Anyways, with blurry vision or 20/20 sight, my most recent groom couldn’t have stated it more perfectly: “A perfect shot is found, not made.”

That was the case with Justin.  This afternoon, the light was delicately filtering through the windows of our cozy apartment.  Justin was in the right place at the right time… Lookin’ good.  Click “play” and enjoy the tune that resonated with the moment.

Until my next blog post…  May you be filled with warmth & gladness, friend!