Baby, hit or miss.

Hi.  Thanks for stopping by the Love Machine’s blog.

I welcome you with a smile, a hug & a heart of love.  I’d offer you a warm beverage, if possible, and (if it wasn’t too creepy) I’d ask you to sit on my couch & tell me a story about your life or simply the day’s adventures/misadventures.  I like to listen.  I love to hear people’s stories.  I also love snapping photos.  That’s what the Love Machine is about…  Capturing moments of love—celebrating who you are.

Through this blog, I really want you to get to know me & my clan.  Like, what makes this heart tick & boom.

Here is my husband.  We’ve been together for a little over 6 years, married for about 1 year.  We’re full-time lovers (and buddies).  Loyalty & friendship: Our love for one another is deeply rooted in each.  We live in Colorado & enjoy it’s sunshine, visual feasts of mountain scenery & flora.

Being in love.

Being ourselves.

That’s what we’re about.

We have a family of rescued furry creatures.  Some may call it “too many” animals, but we see it as warm laps during the winter & slobbery kisses throughout the year.

If you’ve got a furry buddy you’d like to have photographed for the holidays, shoot me an email at to set up a date.  It’ll pretty much be the coolest thing ever.  Scouts’ honor!  Heck, I’ll bring a Santa hat for your bud. (:


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