hamsters: a true story.

It was a 3rd grader’s worst nightmare.

I, Julie, had held the coveted role of bringing home the class pet for the whole weekend.  It was supposed to be an honorable thing, awarded for “good” behavior and earnestly sought after by other kids throughout the school year…
Marshmallow and Snow were two of the whitest, softest (and completely adorable) hamsters.

I brought them home on a Friday afternoon and LOST them the next day.  I had no idea where they had disappeared to!  My deductive skills led me to believe that Marshmallow removed the bobby-pins that I had used to secure their cage door.  MacGyver had nothin’ on this hamster.  I returned to school that Monday, empty-handed.  I was supposed to bring back Marshmallow and Snow.  I remember bursting into tears during the Pledge of Allegiance that day.  I had let down the entire class.  I lost our beloved hamsters.

After a few days, I heard an odd clinking noise in the dishwasher at home.  Lo’ and behold: I found Marshmallow and Snow!  They were alive and well, but drenched.  To this day, I have no idea what adventures they had endured (and survived).  I was proud to bring them back to school in a paper sack.  Needless to say, I was never allowed to bring home classroom pets again.  Oh well.

Anyways, you must be wondering why hamsters are of any importance at this moment.  Well, Brittany and Jason have a hamster, a dog and a cat!  I love animals, so when they mentioned their pet hamster, you can only imagine the intense emotions that burst forth.  (Don’t worry, I played it cool.)  I had the absolute pleasure of photographing 3/5 of this beautiful family.  Love is what it’s all about, people, and I tell ya: the Schneiders have got IT.


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