senior 2013: austin

I was 10 years old when I met Austin.  He was just brought home from the hospital, born a day or two earlier.  When he was a toddler, he bit my chin and left quite the bruise.  Yep.  That was painfully amusing.  Then, when he was in grade school, he starred in a movie I made for a biology project.  The movie involved zombies and the nervous system.  I was the news reporter/scientist.  I met my demise when Austin the Zombie broke into the building with his zombie brother, Aaron.  Who doesn’t like zombies?

Fast forward17 years later: Austin is now a high school senior!  Congratulations, Austin.  There are many adventures ahead!

Just remember:

Life’s the school.

Love’s the lesson.


studio 20 nail stylists.

Taking pedicures & manicures to another level, these ladies will be sure to pamper your nails and throw a little art into the mix of things, too!

I spent some time with Mary last week, checking out her latest nail designs.  She incorporated actual feathers into the design below.  Ridiculously cool!

Located at Flatirons Crossing, entrust your cuticles to Kamala and Mary.  Schedule an appointment with them today at: