fuel for the Love Machine.

She lost her husband during a massive genocide in her country.

She was forced to work in labor camps, separated from her children.  Food was scarce.  Family members died around her.

She was able to make her way towards freedom by hiding in the jungle, her 2 children in tote.

Her cousins helped her.  To her, they are her brothers.  That’s how close she feels to them.  Together, they escaped to the Thai border.  She vividly recalls her cousins holding her daughters, as they dodged bullets and ran through the jungle.

She made it to America in 1979.  She celebrated her 60th birthday this year.

She is an embodiment of hope, courage and love.

She is my mom.

This woman is a survivor and gave me an excellent gift: a peaceful, loving childhood, for which I am deeply grateful.


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