be square.

Oh, the charming shops & innovative spirits of Fort Collins…   I love this town!  Look for my promo cards at these places and, heck, tell them the Love Machine sent you…then show them my promo card that is sitting on one of their shelves:

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse & Treasures and Old Firehouse Books: Grab a cup of tea or snack from Happy Lucky’s Teahouse, and bask in the moment: 10% of your purchase is propelling education in Cambodia (the Mother Land for me)!  Happy Lucky faithfully lives up to it’s motto, “Serving Up World Change,” through their support of fair trade and sustainable school projects.  Education is empowerment.  By supporting Happy Lucky, realize you’re truly helping to make the world a better place…especially for the sweet kids in Cambodia.  After your cup of tea, cozy up to a new (or used) book from Old Firehouse Books.  This converted Fort Collins’ historic firehouse has been indulging bookworms for years.  Between the charm of this indie book hub and the positivity radiating from Happy Lucky’s….  Rest assured, you’ll leave each spot feelin’ like you’ve been smothered with good karma and vibes.  (Promo cards are in Old Firehouse Books.)

Darvier Jewelry Design Studio:  How can I NOT love this place?!?!  They helped me design the perfect ring for my partner.  He really deserved something nice and the lovely artists in this shop brought the whole concept to fruition.  I love them for their immense artistry and devotion to their work.

Wagz Pet Market: a delightful place to purchase homemade baked goods for your furry friends.

Starry Night Espresso Cafe:  An amazing coffee shop.  Who needs Starbucks when you’ve got a great place like this around…

Little Bird Bakeshop:  Oh!  I love people who follow their hearts.  The lady who opened this bakery did just that.  Try the quiche.  Yum!

Wolverine Farm Publishing & Bookstore/the Bean Cycle Coffee Shop:  Okay, I’ve said it once, BUT who seriously needs Starbucks when you’ve got amazing places like this around??? It’s a recycled bookstore that is also a publishing company for budding and/or local authors, illustrators, poets, you name it…  Hooray for supporting artists!

Earthwise Pet Supply: “Earth wise” is in the name!  Purchase a bag of healthy Earthborn food for your furry friend.  Then, bring the empty bag back to the store and BAM!   They plant a tree.  It doesn’t get any wiser (or easier) than that.  Score one for Planet Earth!

the Love Machine’s promo cards were printed on recycled paper that is part of the Forest Initiative.  Mother Earth scores again!

Vines Vintage Market:  Looking for cool furniture or repurposed goods?  Go to Vines Vintage.  You’ll find amazing crafts, furniture and fanciful things for your living space.  If you’re planning a vintage wedding, ask one of the gals for some help!  They’ll point you in the right direction and give you some advice on how to be elegant, while on a budget.  Owned by a really nice lady.


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