vroom. vroom.

Hello!  Welcome to the Love Machine’s blog (and thanks for visiting!).   I’m just getting started with this blog thing, but have been on the path of love, learning and adventures (+ misadventures), since I popped into this world. The “learning” part is a little different for me.  You see, I’ve always disliked sitting in a classroom.  I was more of a “field trip” kind of kid.  When I was about 6 years old, I remember trying to convince a classmate to tell my teacher I didn’t know English, so I wouldn’t have to answer her questions.  That’s a story for a different post, I guess!

A few things I hold onto dearly: Art, love and being kind to others.  Oh, and my lifetime partner, Justin.  What a man, what a mighty good man.

I have an insane affinity for documenting things, whether it’s with a camera or finding/creating some sort of keepsake to help me remember the feelings+emotions of a good time.  Lucky for you: That’s where the Love Machine kicks in…  I’m here in Colorado, ready to help document your sweet times and moments of love with my trusty cameras and good vibes.  Do you live in another state or faraway land?  Let me come to you.  The Black Keys (or The Sonics) couldn’t sing it more simply:

“Have Love, Will Travel.”


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